About Us

Michael and Erin Claypool founded EMS Air in January 2014 to better assist patients and healthcare providers in need of air medical transportation.

Over the years, the Claypools have created strong strategic partnerships with providers in the air ambulance industry. The customer just has to make one call in order to receive multiple options for safe and affordable air medical transport anywhere in the world.

Mission Statement

EMS Air is dedicated to providing safe and reliable air transportation options for you or your loved ones. We are a family-run company working for your family.

Why Choose EMS Air

For Patients and Family Members:
When someone is in need of an air ambulance, it can be a challenge finding the right company to fit your needs and one that you can trust. EMS Air provides you with multiple options tailored to the specific needs of the transport from bedside to bedside. This puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to choose what works best.

EMS Air works with multiple partners positioned globally and is able to custom fit different options, keeping in mind everything from costs to aircraft type. Once you choose the best option, we work to put everything in place, ensuring a safe and easy transport to the destination with all ground transportation included. The quotes provided to you are fixed and will not increase at any point in your journey. We will also handle any insurance questions and submissions for the patient so there are no out of pocket expenses after the transport has been completed.

For Healthcare Providers (Case Managers, Social Workers, etc.):
Michael and Erin have been working in the healthcare industry for many years and have seen firsthand how stressful and daunting a case manger’s daily duties can be. One call to EMS Air will provide you with multiple options for the patient in less than an hour. We will use our internal billing department to contact the medical insurance companies directly to check benefits and begin authorizations and pre-authorizations. We will also submit the claim on behalf of the patient and keep them informed of the status each step of the way.

Time-frame & Process

Our dispatch line is available to assist you 24/7 or you could submit a quote request online through our interactive application.

We will need the following information:

  • Date of transport
  • Sending and receiving facilities
  • Brief synopsis of patient medical condition and the reason for the transport
  • Special needs or equipment for the patient such as IVs, ventilator, medications, etc.
  • Number of passengers traveling with the patient
  • All medical insurance information

After we receive this information, we will begin to customize different options for you. In less than an hour, one of our representatives will contact you and provide you with the quotes. We will also begin work on any insurance coverage that may be in place.

All quotes we provide are fixed rates and will never increase. Prices quoted are all-inclusive from bedside to bedside including ground transportation.

Our Promise to You

One call to us brings multiple options to you. We are dedicated to public safety, healthcare and our desire to help others. We aim to provide only the best choices for your medical air transport needs. We are not profit driven, rather our true drive and passion is to make sure you are well informed and taken care of as promised.

Meet The Team

Michael Claypool

Owner / President

Erin Claypool

Coordinating Specialist / Mom

Jaelen Knight

Business Development and Marketing Manager