Dedicated Air Ambulance

EMS Air will coordinate air medical transport in a dedicated private aircraft, which includes a medical team tailored to treat the acuity of the patient and two Federal Aviation Administration licensed commercial pilots.

Commercial Medical Escort

In the event that a patient is not able to travel alone, we will coordinate transport on a commercial airline in a first class seat accompanied by a Critical Care Registered Nurse or a Critical Care Paramedic with full medical equipment. This is the safest and most cost-effective mode of transportation if the medical condition of the patient is warranted and approved by the medical staff caring for the patient.

International Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

We will coordinate air ambulance transport for the patient at a much lower cost through strong relationships with most major international carriers. We are able to position a safe and comfortable medical stretcher in place of commercial seats on a commercial jet. We have a dedicated, internationally trained medical team that will accompany the patient from bedside to bedside with all ground transportation included.

Medical Insurance Benefits Checks and Pre-Authorizations

We work with all major medical insurance companies. If you are unsure, please call us to find out if your insurance has medical transportation benefits. Our expert billing team will conduct benefit checks for you prior to transportation at no cost. If your insurance covers medical transportation, we will diligently work for full authorizations and/or pre-authorizations.

Billing and Claim Submittal

Once the benefits are determined and the authorizations and pre-authorizations are completed, our billing department will submit a claim on behalf of the patient. We promise to fight for the patient until the completion of the claim, even weeks or months after the transport at no additional cost. Once the claim is successfully completed, we will pay back all operational deposits and costs.

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